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Livros Básicos sobre Rallye até os anos 70

(Leitura Obrigatória nas Férias e no Carnaval)

itos me perguntam onde tiro as informações e algumas fotos para abastecer o blog. Bom... a internt é a fonte mais fácil, but... tiro o grosso mesmo dos livros. Tem muitos livros (novos), muito bons nas livrarias, mas há outros indispensáveis, para quem quer se aprofundar nos rallyes realizados abaixo dos anos 70. Esta é a biblioteca básica (depois, cada um especializa sua biblioteca com o seu gosto). Lá vai (preparem-se para gastar uma graninha - a média, repito, média é de U$40 a U$60 - claro que tem livros de U$400) - coloquei em link, assim se interessar, clique e veja o preço e livreiro:

A Boot Full Of Right Arms: Adventures In The London-Sahara-Munich World Cup Rally And Other Motoring Marathons.
Green, Evan.

A New Guide To Rallying (Isbn: 0871120100)
Reid Larry

Alpine Renault Ultimate Portfolio 1958-1995 (Isbn: 1855207427)
R. M. (Com) Clarke

An Illustrated History Of Rallying (Isbn: 0850454077)
Robson, Graham

Anatomy Of The Works Mini (Isbn: 1903706033)
Moylen, Brian

Austin Healey 100-6 & 3000 (Rally Giants) (Isbn: 184584128x)
Robson, Graham

Austin Healey 3000 And The Works Rally Cars 1959-1967 (Isbn: 1841556408)

A-Z Of Works Rally Cars The 1940s To The 1990s (Isbn: 1870979427)
Robson, Graham

Big Healey - 100-Six And 3000: \N (Isbn: 184584128x)
Robson, Graham

Big Healeys In Competition Austin-Healey 100, 3000 And Jensen Healey In Race And Rally (Isbn: 9781861268280)
Baggott, John

Boreham (Isbn: 1844251039)
Graham Robson

British Rally Car Drivers, Their Cars & Awards. 1925 - 1939
Donald, Cowbourne.

British Sports Cars
Grant, George

British Trial Drivers: Their Cars And Awards 1919-1928.
Cowbourne, Donald

Castrol Rally Manual 2 (Isbn: 0850591058)
Browning, Peter

Castrol Rally Manual 3: An Entertaining Mixture Of Practical Advice, Facts And Photos For All Rally Enthusiasts (Isbn: 0850591511)
Greasley, Mike

Castrol Rally Manual (Isbn: 0850590760)
Browning, Peter.

Classic Porsche Racing Cars (Isbn: 185260137x)
Cotton, Michael

Complete Guide To Car Rallies
Hebb, David

Daily Express Daily Telegraph London - Sydney Marathon 1968

Destination Monte
Harper, Peter.

Destination Monte. With Foreword By Raymond Baxter.
Harper, Peter.

Escort Mk 1, 2 & 3: The Development & Competition History
Walton, Jeremy

Escort Mk1 (Rally Giants Series) (Isbn: 9781845840402)
Graham Robson

Essential Mini Cooper: The Cars And Their Story, 1961-71 & 1990 To Date. (Isbn: 1870979869)
Clausager, Anders Ditlev

Ford Competition Cars
Frostick & Gill

Ford Escort Mk1 (Isbn: 1845840402)
Robson, Graham

Ford Escort Rs1600i & Rsturbo Includes Rs1700t Rally Car
Alder T/ Barton A

Ford: The Dust And The Glory. A Racing History. 2 Volumes (Isbn: 0768006635)
Levine, Leo

Ford's Competition Cars - Boreham - Clogne - Dearborn. (Isbn: 0854294406)
Gill. Barrie
. & Michael Frostic.

High Performance Escorts Mk 2 1975-80 (Isbn: 0946489637)

History Of The Monte Carlo Rally, A
Frostick, Micheal

Ian Munro's Monte Carlo Rally
Michael Gibson

International Rallying
Turner Stuart

Jaguar Sports Racing & Works Competition Cars From 1954 (Isbn: 1859608434)
Andrew Whyte

Jaguar Sports: Sir William Lyons' High-Performance Cars (Scarce First Edition)
Garnier, Peter And Allport, Warren (Editors)

Jaguars In Competition. (Isbn: 0850453232)
Harvey, Chris.

Lancia Racing . (Isbn: 085045672x)
Trow, Nigel.

Lancia Stratos (Rally Giants Series) (Isbn: 9781845840419)
Graham Robson

Lancia Stratos Limited Edition Extra (Isbn: 1855207036)
Editor: Clarke, R.M.

Lancia Stratos Thirty Years Later (Isbn: 8879113003)
Curami A.

Lancia Stratos: World Champion Rally Car (Isbn: 0850457912)
Trow, Nigel

Marathon De La Route 1931-1971 (Isbn: 2914920423)
Jean-Paul Delsaux

Marathon: Around The World In A Cloud Of Dust (Isbn: 0900549009)
Nick Brittan

Mgb The Racing Story (Isbn: 1861265301)
John Baggott

Mini Cooper & S - Colour, Data And Detail On The Road And Rally Cars 1960s To 1990s (Isbn: 0862881803)
Edwards. Nigel

Monster Rally
Addams, Charles

Monte Carlo - Or Bust
Jack Davies

Monte Carlo - Or Bust! (Isbn: 0234773413) Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies
Davies, Jack, Annakin, Ken & Andrews, Allen, Illustrated By Searle, Ronald

Monte Carlo Rally

Monte Carlo Rally
Lowry, Russell

Monte Carlo Rally Booklet
Illustrations By Gordon Horner] Contributions By S. C. H. Davis And Rodney Walkerley

Monte Carlo Rally (Isbn: 9999999999)
Gibson, Michael

Motor Racing Extraordinary Images From 1900 To 1970 (Isbn: 1844032035)
Tennant, John

Porsche - The Rally Story (Isbn: 9781845841096)
Laurence Meredith

Porsche Sports Racers Ultimate Portfolio 1952-1968 (Isbn: 1855207303)

Rac Rally 1932 - 1986
Maurice Hamilton

Rac Rally Action!-From The 60s, 70s & 80s (Isbn: 9781903706978)
Tony Gardiner

Rac Rally Encyclopedia. (Isbn: 1869833104)
Hamilton, Maurice And David Campbell.

Rac Rally Up - Dated Edition 1932 - 1988
Maurice Hamilton

Rac Rally (Isbn: 1852250291)
Maurice Hamilton

Rac Rally (Isbn: 1861264151)
Max Le Grand

Race & Rally Car Source Book A D. I. Y. Guide To Building Or Modifying A Race Or Rally Car (Isbn: 0854293175)
Staniforth, Allan

Rallies And Races
William Leonard

Rallies And Races : The Advetures Of Gatsonides
Leonard, William

Rallies And Trials : The Monte Carlo Rally, Alpine Trials, The Rallye Gastronomique, R.A.C. Veteran Car Trials, And Other Motoring Occasions .
, S.C.H.

Rally Cars (Isbn: 3829046251)
Reinhard Klein

Rally Manual
Bensted-Smith, Richard

Rally Manual 3 (Isbn: 0850591511)
Greasley, Mike.

Rally Navigation (Isbn: 1859604005)
Martin Holmes

Rally To Kill, A Thane And Moss Mystery
Bill Knox

Rally To The Death (Isbn: 0878880844)
Rutherford, Douglas

Rally (Isbn: 3829009089)
Klein, Richard

Rally! (Isbn: 0600375706)
Davenport, John.

Rallye Sport Fords: The Inside Story (Isbn: 1845841158)
Moreton, Mike (Author) Turner, Stuart (Foreword By)

Rallying In A Works M. G. (Isbn: 0951942344)
Shaw Len

Rallying To Monte Carlo
Couper, Mike

Rallying To Win: A Complete Guide To North American Rallying (Isbn: 0878800174)
Calvin, Jean

Rallying With Bp
Paul, Stanley

Rallying (Isbn: 0822504456)
Knudson, Richard

Rallying: The 4 Wheel Drive Revolution (Isbn: 085429547x)
Robson, Graham

Roger Clark Portrait Of A Great Rally Driver
David, Campbell

Rolls-Royce Alpine Compendium 1913 & 1973
Christopher Leefe

Safari Fever
Nick Brittan

Safari Fever: The Story Of A Car Rally They Said No European Could Win
Brittan, Nick [Additional Material By John Davenport]

Safari Rally: The First 40 Years (Isbn: 0951978101)
Barnard, Roger

Sideways To Victory! (Isbn: 0900549297)
Clark, Roger.

Sport Car Rallies, Trials And Gymkhanas
Hebb David & Arthur
Peck & George Janes (Drawings)

Sporting Fords: Cortina To Cosworth - The Complete Story (Isbn: 1852236019)
Taylor, Mike

Sports Car And Competition Driving.
Frere, Paul.

Sports Car Rallies Trials And Gymkhanas
Hebb D. & Peck A.

Sports Car Rallies, Trials And Gymkhanas Revised Edition [A Very Detailed How-To For Those Who Enjoy Sports Car Driving And The Competition Of Rallies, Etc.]
Hebb, David And Arthur
Peck With Drawings By George Janes And Cartoons By Anna Lou Edebohls

Stimson's Rally Factors
Stimson, Michael

Stirling Moss, Racing With The Maestro (Isbn: 1852605642)
Karl Ludvigsen

Stirling Moss's Book Of Motor Sport
Wayne Mineau

Stirling Moss's Motor Racing Masterpieces, Classic Tales From The Track,
Moss With Christopher Hilton

The Audi Quattro Book Buying Reparing And Tuning (Isbn: 185960403x)
Pollard Dave

The Complete Book Of The World Rally Championship (Isbn: 0760319545)
Carlos Sainz

The Complete Book Of World Rally Champions : All The Cars, All The Drivers 1974-2004 (Isbn: 0760319545)
, John

The Complete History Of The Japanese Car 1907 To The Present (Isbn: 0854296727)
Ruiz, Marco

The Driver (Isbn: 0061227935)
Alexander Roy

The Encyclopedia Of Motor Sport (Isbn: 0718109554)

The Golden Age Of British Motoring
Roy Bacon

The Guinness Book Of Rallying (Isbn: 0851129684)
John Davenport

The Monte Carlo Rally (Isbn: 0713459247)
Robson, Graham.

The Rally Book: A Complete Guide For Beginners And Veteran Rallyists
Hebb, David

The Rally Go-Round

The Rally Handbook (Isbn: 0713404698)
Hudson-Evans, Richard.

The Road Rally Handbook: The Complete Guide To Competing In Time-Speed-Distance Road Rallies (Isbn: 0963240102)
Goss, Clint

The Shell History Of The East African Safari Rally
Charles Disney

The Singer Story (Isbn: 1874105529)
Kevin Atkinson

The Sports Car Rally Handbook Proven Techniques For Winning Time-And-Distance Rallies
Hammond, Gene

The Story Of The Rac International Rally (Isbn: 0854292705)
Drackett, Phil.

The Transformers: The Great Car Rally (Isbn: 0876601867)
Zimmerman, Dwight

The Works Escorts (Isbn: 0854291792)
Robson, Graham

The Works Mgs In Pre-War And Post-War Races Rallies Trials And Record-Breaking (Isbn: 1859606032)
Allison Mike And Browning Peter

The Works Minis - An Illustrated History Of The Works Entered Minis In International Rallies And Races (Isbn: 0854291288)
Browning, Peter

The Works Triumphs
Graham Robson

The World's Greatest Motor Competitions. The Monte Carlo Rally (Isbn: 0713459247)
Robson Graham

The Z-Series Datsuns. (Isbn: 0947981020)
Hutton, Ray

Tiger Alpine Rapier (Isbn: 0953072169)

Vintage Automobile Rally Photographs.

Women In Spots Car Competition
Evelyn Mull

Works Rally Mechanic: Tales Of The Bmc/Bl Works Rally Department, 1955-1979 (Isbn: 1874105979)
Moylan, Brian

Works Team (Isbn: 0953072118)
Michael Frostick

Luis Cezar

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